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Send broadcast SMS messages to multitudes of people in seconds.

Texter's Realm Dashboard

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Bringing you to your audience fast and affordably while maintaining all the interactions you would expect from a high end messaging product. Are you a huge fan of groups? We've got groups in Texter's Realm.

Pricing for bulk SMS sent through our dashboard by human marketers

Starter's Plan:
Airtime Worth
KES 0 - 19,999
First Gear - Plan:
Airtime Worth
KES 20,000 - 99,999
Second Gear - Plan:
Airtime Worth
KES 100,000 - 399,999
Third Gear - Plan:
Airtime Worth
KES 400,000+
Safaricom KES 1.10 KES 0.80 KES 0.70 KES 0.60
Airtel Kenya (Local Traffic) KES 1.10 KES 0.80 KES 0.70 KES 0.60
Other Kenyan Telcos KES 1.10 KES 0.80 KES 0.70 KES 0.60

* These rates are automatically enforced by our system once you buy airtime in any of those plan ranges

Pricing for branding your message with Sender ID (e.g. MPESA)

Telco Set Up Charges
Bundled Safaricom & Airtel KES 14,100
Telkom KES 4,500
Equitel KES 9,000
Total Cost charged for setup on all Kenyan Telco's KES 27,600

* We encourage users to purchase sender names on all the Telco's as a one off event. The total amount will be deducted from your airtime balance in our dashboard. We currently do not support purchasing sender names on individual Telcos only

Three quick reasons you should get started today!


With our intuitive and friendly interface, it's simple to set up your account details and hit the ground running.


Send thousands of messages and have them delivered in seconds. Pursue your audience with lightning speed.


Works the same whether your are texting only 2 contacts or 100,000 contacts.

Featurs of the Texter's Realm platform


Who uses Texter's Realm?

Texter's Realm is used by individuals, chamas, student governments, politicians, corporates, event organizers and other folks who want to have their contacts in one place and text them all at once whenever their is need.

What is Texter's Realm for?

Texter's realm is a dashboard for users who need bulk SMS solutions but have no time to write code, implement shortcodes and sender names or undergo technical implementations of the same with the various SMS gateways and Telecom operators. Texter's realm therefore gives them a simple dashboard for logging in, creating their contacts and texting them straight away.

Do I need a sender name/alphanumeric code on the Telco networks in order to use Texter's Realm?

Texter's realm does not require sender names out of the box. You can sufficiently run your organization and send messages on Texter's Realm using Twitter-like handles e.g. @myCompanyName.

That said, Texter's Realm also allows you to buy sender names with the Telco operators in Kenya so that recipients can see messages on their phone originating from the name of your company, Just like those MPESA messages that appear in your phone with the bold MPESA letters. These may boost some confidence in your brand

How do my messages appear in my audience's phones?

In the case you do not have a sender name registered with us, we will send your messages while appending your username at the end. This will be something like @YourCompanyName. Messages sent will have Texter's Realm sender name "Textr" as shown in the below screenshot.

How messages appear on recipient phones when sent with Texter's Realm

However, in the case you have a sender name registered with the Telco operators through us, messages will appear as originating from your sender name; just like MPESA messages

How much do you charge for registering sender names with the Telco Operators?

Refer to pricing table above

How much do you charge for sending messages?

Refer to Bulk SMS plans above

What other charges are there?

There are no other charges on Texter's Realm. We don't charge subscription fees or maintenance fees or brokerage fees. For real! Using our website is absolutely free, the only part where you will incur a cost is when you want to send SMS messages and we will have to charge you only because because we are being charged by the network operators.

Can I import contacts using excel from a different system?

Yes! yes! yes! you can. By using a .csv file. Just download our template from the application, populate it with your contacts in the format that's required and off you go. You can even link the bulk contacts to their appropriate groups while you are at it.

In addition to excel, you can use Texter's Realm Links feature to add contacts, just like sending someone a survey and the results come to your dashboard. These links are unique to your brand and any person who signs up and provides their contact information will automatically become your contact once you approve. We think this is pretty neat since we perform validations on the URL and you are guaranteed to have the most up to date contact information of your contacts in the right format.

How do I top up my Texter's Realm Account?

Texter's Realm supports topping up airtime via MPESA, Airtel money and other credit or debit cards. Go to -> manage airtime and enter the amount in figures, a buy button will appear; click it and proceed to complete your payment. Your Texter's Realm airtime balance will be updated immediately on the dashboard.

Do you charge me on top ups?

No we don't, why would we do that!

What's the maximum number of contacts I can have?

The sky is the limit, you can have as many contacts as you want

What countries do you support?

Only Kenya; at the moment